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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 3, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. people say you go to college, you get a degree, you'll get a great job. well nowadays, i don't think that's the case. >> a job creation engine stalls for the first time in a year. the economy has failed to add any new jobs forcing job seekers turning to uncle sam. >> a deadly explosion. one person was killed.
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what happened moments before an explosion and fire at a menlo park office building. smoking pot outside city hall. the bay area marijuana event that is a first of its kind. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. dana is off tonight. the united states did not add any new jobs in august. >> it is the weakest showing in nearly a year. nationally unemployment held steady at 9.1%. president obama will unveil his jobs plan on thursday. but people unemployed right now are running out of options and as michelle miller shows us, they say their only hope is going to war. >> ready, begin. >> one, two. >> joining the marines was not part of tyler mitchell's career path. mitchell graduated with a degree of film and video last year. but he couldn't find a job in chicago. >> the economy makes it really tough right now. people say you go to college, you get a degree, you'll get a
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great job. well nowadays i don't think that's the case. you go to college, you get a degree, you get a lot of debt and you don't get a job. i can't get the job in the civilian world. why not go with them? >> mitchell will be a combat correspondent for the marine corps. >> i'll get healthcare. i'll get financial stability. i'll get job experience. >> the recession made it easier to recruit people into the military. since 2008, the armed forces have either met or exceeded their recruiting goals for all active duty services. >> leshawn holmes is a single mother of two in new york. the only job she could find was a part-time position that paid $185 a week. >> i don't want to struggle. you are sinking and it doesn't feel like you are coming out. i want to come out. >> she never considered enlisting until she passed a recruiting center last spring. >> because of the economic situation right now, enlisting
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was my only option. >> the decision was especially hard. she has never been away from her children. ten-year-old joy and two-year- old legend. >> what color is this? >> the navy would not take her unless she gave temporary custody of her children to her mother. >> i don't like the fact when i am leaving my children. when you try to find another job so you can, you know, make ends meet and try to take care of your family properly. it is hard. i really feel like in the end, they will be so much better off. >> she will be in the navy for four years. she leaves for boot camp in february. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> on behalf of we the people, the government today sued the largest banks in the country. the agency that oversees fanny may and freddie mac filed suit
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today. related to sub prime mortgage loans. the collapse of those investments helped fuel the financial crisis that started in 2008. among the 17 banks targeted, bank of america, meryl lynch, jp morgan chase. they misrepresented the quality of the mortgage securities. a blast so powerful it blew one scientist right out of the room and killed another one. it happened late this afternoon at the membrane technology and research center in menlo park. kit explains what happened. >> everyone out here either heard it or felt it, amazingly the force of this blast did not blow out the windows. is this an active scene. we are learning that the methane gas tank has finished bleeding off and that means the team c's go home. the arson investigators can go inside and try and figure out what exactly happened. by the time firefighters got to him and tried to restart his
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heart, it did not look good. he was a scientist at membrane technology and research in menlo park. handle ago canister of a methane gas mixture when it blew up. >> a very large boom. >> he was still alive when firefighters pulled him outside. they tried cpr, but he died. a female coworker happened to be walking by the doorway when the force of the blast knocked her down and blew out her eardrums. the fire department says after the tanks exploded, employees risked their lives and ran back into the chaotic scene. >> some had the wherewithal to secure some of the hazards within the laboratory and they drugged that individual from the laboratory. so that was a very brave thing for them to do and obviously they do care about each other enough to do that. >> investigators say the scientist was transferring a mixture of methane, helium, and nitrogen from one tank to another, similar to these metal canisters when something ignited the gas. >> i know the ins and outs,
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but i can't think of what could have gone wrong. >> tim hill is the company's quality systems manager and was in the building at the time. he says membrane technology is a tight knit company with a family atmosphere. the death of his coworker is a huge loss. >> i'm just real saddened that someone was killed. >> and menlo park fire did the inspected this facility in march. it passed. >> kit reporting live tonight. thank you. also tonight, state utility regulators are investigating pg and e for yet another gas line blast. this one destroyed a condominium. len on how it happened and the damage that it left behind. >> pg and e crews swarmed over this condo complex with special gas detectors in hand. two days after a disastrous gabbing gas leak, explosion,
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and fire, they are still looking for more. >> we will take any of the actions that are necessary to make this system safe in this community. >> but it's too late for the owner of this home. >> i work in my basement and i heard the explosion. the bang sounded like a car crash. >> it blew up wednesday afternoon. >> this garage door we see in front of us here, that was 25 feet into this driveway. >> pg and e says a gas line that ran under the home's front yard started leaking and that leak was transferred into the home itself, found anignition source and exploded. the owner had just left, but arriving fire crews couldn't put out the gas fed flames. >> ivy was burning and the firemen ran foam on it and it kept burning. finally, the ivy burned away and you could see the flames coming out of the ground. >> it took almost four hours for crews it arrive and pinch
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off the gas lines by digging up driveways. >> some residents and some customers had questions about how come we didn't turn the valve to shut the flow of gas off. for a distribution system, that would impact thousands of customers. it's quicker to dig up the pipeline on either side of the gas leak and squeeze those lines shut to stop the flow of gas. >> neighbors call it scary. the explosion is one thing, but with six other leaks found in their complex, they worry what could be next. >> scary meaning it could have happened here at 20318, my mom's house. it could have exploded there or anywhere else in the complex. >> len, cbs 5. it happened again, another passenger got kicked off a plane at a bay area airport for saggy pants. but this time it was a rock star. on his twitter page last night, green day front man, billy joe armstrong wrote quote, just kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too
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low. what the -- you can fill in the blank from there. he was on a flight headed from oakland to burbank. southwest did apologize to armstrong on twitter. and an airline spokesperson said quote, we followed up with this customer and involved employees to get more details. i understand from the customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction. san rafael man beaten unconscious in a restroom during the 49er, raider game. he is talking about the response to get help. >> people didn't respond fast enough to where it was more intense, i think my life could have been taken in a second because it wasn't quick enough. >> that 26-year-old who does not want to be identified blames a lack of security. the emergency room worker believes that his condition is improving, the search for the suspect cooled off. well here's a sketch of the man that police are still looking
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for. he is described as somoan, 6'3" weighing 260-pounds and a goatee. anyone with information is being asked to call the san francisco pd. other news making headlines around the bay area. a student was shot outside north campus high school in san pablo just after school led out. four shots were fired, neither security guard or police found suspects or victims. while police were on campus investigating, they learned that a north campus student was at the emergency room with a gun shot injury. the injury is not life threatening. a south bay animal rescuer captured that santa clara duck with the dart in its head. but the rescuer used a net. when the bird struggled, the dart became tangled and was yanked from the duck's face. that duck is recovering. that's a $5,000 reward for information about who shot the duck. well, it officially cost more now to take a taxi cab in
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san francisco. the amount charged as soon as the meter starts up is 35-cents to $3.50. the rate per fifth of a mile is now 55 cents and so is the rate per minute of waiting time. the rate hike was approved a month ago. also approved, an additional 85 taxis for the city. those cabs are being rolled out over the next two months. we aren't exactly sure what it will be, but we know what will not be involved. >> this is not a hippy event. >> the procannabis fair hitting city hall this weekend. the message advocates hope to send. no phone, but less mystery. what really happened to that missing iphone? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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yeah, this story just keeps twisting and turning. remember the iphone 5 prototype left in a san francisco bar back in july? well the sfpd said it had no report of a stolen phone. well that got the rumor mill going, saying the whole thing is a hoax to help apple create a little buzz about their new product. well, a few hours ago, we heard from sfpd and they say employees did contact them about a missing phone and that those employees and police officers searched a home in the
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city, the phone was not found there. everyone left and apple chose not to file any report. if you plan to be in downtown oakland in the next few days, you could get a contact high. medical marijuana users will be enjoying mother earth with herbs this weekend. don knapp on how oakland benefits by hosting the international marijuana street fair. >> it is just not out of the closet, but marijuana is about to be out on the plaza in front of oakland city hall. the international cannabis expo of 2011 promises to break new ground. >> it will be the first outdoor cannabis event that we know of that where we are closing down city streets to host a cannabis expo in a major city. >> last year and the year before the cannabis and hemp expo was held at the palace. after the state blocked drug use on state properties, oakland stepped up. promoting marijuana with a street fair here is good for
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the city. >> we are bringing in 10 to 20,000 visitors who will spend money and lots of people being employed to put this on. >> oakland has three medical marijuana facilities. lots of underground pot clubs. a voter approved policy that makes pot possession a low police priority. >> it is a sign on how far we have come politically that we can have a smoking area right here in the plaza in front of o.k. oakland city hall. >> a significant change for the program tomorrow. medical marijuana patients would have a place right here in front of city hall where they could smoke. the mayor has a different view on that. >> it's not a smoke in. this is not a hippy hate ashbury event. it's a pretty serious event. they have a lot of workshops. they'll have a lot of vendors for the industry there. someone thinks they are going to come and smoke a joint, that's not going to happen. if it does, the expo is going to be shut down.
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>> medical marijuana advocates may be dis appointed, but it doesn't appear that oakland is ready to allow pot smoking on city hall steps. caltrans getting ready to tear down a renegade skate park. in oakland, built by some skate boarders under the mcarthur maze back in 2004. technically, it is trespassing on state property. but caltrans gave border town organizers a lease back in 2005 provided that they would tear it down and come up with plans for a new skate park. the group presented a plan, which caltrans approved, but as for additional details, they never got that and caltrans says there's a liability issue. >> they want to make money for the federal government, but it's going to cost them probably about $40,000 to tear this place out when our rent is only $500 a month. >> the skate park has to go, but they are not saying exactly
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when. they say they are working with engineers to make sure the bridge won't be damaged in that demolition. bay area beach goers are getting a warning this labor day weekend. forecasters say conditions are right for strong rip currents. they warn people walking on the beach not to turn their back on the ocean. that's because a giant rip tide can come seemingly from nowhere. >> you happen to get caught in that funnel, that can pull you out to sea. it has happened before. i don't want to say it's a common phenomenon, but not a rare phenomenon. >> many bay area beaches don't have life guards. that's why park officials say to watch the waves and keep an eye on how they are breaking. that is certainly one attraction this weekend that tourists will want to be very cautious of. how about this one? ghirardeli square with the fog
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looming ahead. eyewitness news continues right here on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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huge weekend. labor day weekend. a will the of people going to be hanging around the city and around the bay area. roberta has your weather. >> we're going to kick start with this. take a look at this evening out towards oakland coliseum. we now have the low clouds and low fog sweeping into the bay. currently the air temperatures in the 50s and as we go from there to the coastal areas. a lot of people are going to be heading to the beaches where we do have a lot going on there. if you're heading to the beaches, 57 degrees with the deck of low clouds and patchy fog continuing there. all the way from the weekend through your labor day. 87 degrees looks like the high in our inland areas and that is a cooler temperature than what we experienced today when we had high temperatures in the mid and high 90s. now if we go ahead and take a look, we're going to cue up things and see if we can get you going. how about looking at some
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temperatures across the bay area. some of the headlines that you need to know, a summertime weather pattern will continue with the weather pattern. the clouds are gathering at the coast. dangerous rip currents. we are talking about rip currents that you need to avoid. surf is up all the way through the holiday. temperatures dropping with that deepening marine layer. here's our future cast. as you can see, we have the low clouds, fog gathering at the coast. hanging tight there. that's the first place to cool over the weekend. now meanwhile if you're heading to the art and wine festival taking place both days over the weekend, it will be mostly sunny. let's pinpoint your temperatures. at the coast, going down to the 60s. 84 degrees in san jose, down from the high of 89 today. we're looking at 93 in brentwood. ditto in liver more. back in through rio vista. 83 degrees in santa rosa. the extended forecast calls for
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additional cooling on sunday. pretty seasonal for your labor day from 60 to 89 degrees. but again, partial coastal clearing at its best and then just in time for everybody to head back to work and to school. we're talking about warmer conditions. >> have a very safe holiday. kim up with spor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the giants began the
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knight's six games back, but they have a chance to cut that deficit in half this weekend. the diamondbacks in town. big daddy kaine gave up two runs in eight innings. 1-0dbacks in the third. jeff rips one down the left field line and just misses a homer. cody ross is going to try to score all the way from first and he catches a break when arizona botches the relay. he scores to tie it at one. next up, carlos beltran and no one was booing him tonight. a two-run blast to give the giants a 3-1 lead. beltran has a four-hit game for the first time in 2007. 4-2 giants in the 7th. his 11th homer of the season. the giants take the opener 6-2 and end the dbacks 9-game winning streak. >> we are playing the team that we are chasing and we had to come ready to go and we did.
2:06 am
you know, we needed today. >> there's not a lot of time left. we need to do it now. with the energy and the confidence the guys tonight, that's a great way to start out the series. >> michael taylor went 0-3 in his major league debut. 2-0 in the 3rd. matsui lines one into left center and it rolls all the way to the wall. they come around to score. the a's go on to beat the mariners 9-2. >> the raiders were winless in the preseason for the first time. seathawks move down the field, but branch picks off tavares jackson in the end zone. return it is to the 26. 1 of 2 turnovers forced by the raider d. jason campbell played most of the first half and completed 8 of 11 passes for 76 yards. ford had one catch in his first action of the preseason. the seahawks win 20-3. the raiders open up the regular season september 12. monday night football right
2:07 am
here on cbs 5 in denver. stanford quarterback is one of the favorites to win the heisman trophy and be the first pick in next year's nfl draft. but he didn't return to stanford for the individual awards. he wants to lead the cardinals to a national title. >> the thing i love about them, it doesn't affect them. those are all outside influences. it's not up to him whether or not he wins the heisman. h's not up to him how we are ranked. >> what keeps you grounded? >> guys in the locker room. when you are on a high horse, you get put off on that horse pretty quickly. >> it is time for your friday night top five. >> oh my goodness. >> yeah, goodness gracious.
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pinetta upsets third seeded sharapova. launches one into the upper deck at nationals park. it is the 8th homer of the year for him. number three, yankees and blue jays, brett gardner makes the diving catch as the yanks take over first place in the al east. and number two, we have our first upset in college football. baylor beats tcu50-48. let the party begin. and at number one, back to at&t park. cody ross had a big play of the night with the diving catch in foul territory. the giants won a series opener for the first time since mid july and are now just five games back and ken you said it earlier. >> got them right where they want them. >> you don't want it to be over. >> you can wait until the last day of the regular season ,,,,,,
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